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Wed 02 Aug 2017
1) Instant Messaging Group has been made by the fresh Boston cubists(7th & 11th class) themselves (for continuity & sense of ownership) with a few CUBE HBCSE members as admins
2) Reporting of todays work on instant messaging group (eg: posting of Cardamine for the nature of roots of dicots introduced by Priti(post graduate cubist) on 2nd Aug,17)
3) Boston cubists Joined CUBE Mail group to report today`s work in detail
4) Causerie on previous days work (a. earthworm cup culture and regeneration question introduced by Shivani(under graduate cubist) on 1st Aug,17 and b. drosophila trap setup at Mankhurd home), Key words discussed: "Feeling for the Organism"-Barbara MacClintock
5) Activity: In continuation of their home fly trap fresh traps for fruit flies were setup near canteen(+ve control niche) and garbage bin
6) Assurance of reporting today`s documented work and tomorrow`s plan of work
7) Larger Question: 1) Jet Lag(Biological rhythm in fruit flies),
2) Earthworm nerve cord regeneration as a model for spinal cord injury studies
3) Finding Arabidopsis/Cardamine in Boston
4) Pursing Slice of Season studies in Boston(discussed)

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